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But Dinah didn't stop at catering. She's also a cookbook writer extraordinaire, with her books becoming beloved kitchen companions for home cooks and budding chefs. And here's the most exciting part: her latest culinary escapade! Dinah recently introduced "Cheese Whats?" – a culinary innovation that's bound to bring smiles to cheese lovers' faces everywhere. With "Cheese Whats?" hitting the shelves, Dinah Koo continues to sprinkle her culinary magic, leaving us all hungry for more delightful surprises.

Who is Dinah?

Meet Dinah Koo, a culinary maestro whose lifelong love affair with food has added a dash of magic to the world of gastronomy. Her culinary journey started with a bang through her thriving catering businesses, and continues with "Peapods to Chanterelles", where she is known for crafting menus that are like culinary symphonies. It didn't take long for food enthusiasts and even some A-listers to become her biggest fans!

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